Friday Finds: My favorite.

I’m sharing one of my most favorite things today.  (Watch out, Oprah.)

See… it’s in my bedside table and everything.

Reader, meet the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones.  I didn’t discover this book on my own, it’s been recommended by some of my dearest friends.  My husband bought it for me as an early birthday present and we’ve been reading it aloud every night since January.  That’s right, we’re old school like that.

It’s true, I have more than enough Bibles.  Why do I recommend this one?

1.  This is a Bible for all ages.  The language is simple enough for young hearts and plenty profound for even the oldest hearts.  The artwork is by Jago and is beautiful.  This is one of my favorites from the entire book.

2.  “Every story whispers His name.”  Yes it does.  Clear and concise, artful and poetic, the Jesus Storybook Bible points all of Scripture towards The Great Rescuer – Jesus.  My friend Becca said this about the JSB: “The best thing about this book is that it takes every story and shows you how it points to Jesus or God sending Jesus.  This book has helped me see how each story is a reminder of God’s never ending, relentless love for us in keeping His promise to send His Son.”

3.  This book has made me tear up on multiple occasions.  It has left me profoundly grateful for my Rescuer.

4.  This Bible makes an amazing gift!  We have ordered it for all of the new babies being born in our circle of friends.  I intend to buy it for a high school graduation gift.  Yep.  It’s that good.  My mom uses it for teaching at her school and Sunday School class.  My sister won a large print edition last month.  I just bought a Spanish version to take with us on our next trip to Mexico.

I love this little book.


For more information about the versions, author, or videos from the Jesus Storybook Bible check out:

Happy Reading!


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  • I have this book in my bathroom. (Yes.) I read it all the way through and just opened it again yesterday to read a story. I love it…and I am 28 years old.

    • Anonymous

      @3a7a062ea84db686386346566b9f1a18:disqus Why wouldn’t you have it in the bathroom? I think I just need a copy for every room.

  • Ginger — thank you so much for your review. (I saw it posted on the Facebook Fan Page and it made my day.) I’m so glad it’s one of your favorite things! I’m so encouraged to hear of the ways God is using this book. It’s His Wonderful Story–and my honor and privilege to have had a small part in retelling it for little (and not so little) ones!

    • Anonymous

      Talk about making MY day! Thank you so much for stopping by. I am just one of MANY who have been blessed by your obedience, creativity, and God-given gift. May you continue to be encouraged and know that this beautiful little book is shouting (and whispering) His Name!

      • Ginger I love your blog–and thanks for that vimeo on remembering. I know that critical spirit only too well! it’s grand to meet you! ; ]

        • Anonymous

          can I chime in Sally by echoing Ginger’s post. I found myself crying many different times as I was listening to the read aloud CD’s. I love the story of Leah and her finding her true beauty in her Creator. Such a truth for all women to hear. Thank you:)

          And thank you Ginger for your post. Seriously love this. It’s a joy to hear my 2 1/2 year old say, “let’s read Jesusstorybookbible (really fast)!”