Friday Finds: Soundtrack

I’m not here to talk about a movie soundtrack.

It’s the soundtrack to my life. I sat back and thought about which artist/musician has been played most frequently in my car, home, dorm room, ipod, walkman, etc… and decided that award goes to: Shane Barnard.

I first heard about Shane and Caleb when I was in High School. I gobbled up the record, Salvation Still Remains. Shane then took it solo for a while, putting out a few individual albums before teaming up with Shane Everett and forming Shane & Shane.

Why do I love this acoustic music so much? Why did I blow out the speakers of my gold Saturn in college while playing “Breath of God” through my tape adaptor?

Beautiful melodies. Strong rhythms. AND LYRICS STRAIGHT FROM SCRIPTURE.

Want to memorize some of the Bible? Pick up a Shane & Shane album.  (Available on iTunes.)  Listen. Repeat. This music allows me to soak up entire passages of scripture. I’ve been reading through the Psalms this month and I have been amazed how much of this book I CAN SING word for word.

And did I mention that they are crazy talented vocalists?  Oh.  There’s that too.

Love it. Love this music.  Oh and also THEY ARE RECORDING A NEW ALBUM.  Happy Friday, everyone!

  • Britney Benedict

    do you have the “everything is different” album? I did the album photography on that one! They’re super nice guys. Love them!

    • Anonymous

      That album is currently playing on repeat in my car. I think W told me you
      took those pics! I love that field on the cover – awesome job! :)