Friday Finds: Cause

There are countless causes to which you could give your time, energy, and finances.  There are ministries, agencies, and needs throughout the entire world.

Last night I went to an event that highlighted a specific need in Bangladesh.  Women of Action, an initiative through Food for the Hungry is promoting learning and savings groups to the women of Bangladesh.  From the Women of Action website:

Transforming the lives of women and their communities

After living overshadowed by shame and fear, our learning and savings groups are providing a safe and supportive environment for women to realise their value and potential. We invite the most vulnerable in the poorest villages and slums to form their own groups and save money together. These women then meet weekly to learn basic skills and practical, lifesaving knowledge to protect and provide for their children.

Working together, they are able to develop the means and confidence to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. We currently have over 900 groups meeting across Bangladesh. With your support, we can offer more oppressed and overlooked women this life-changing opportunity.

Will you take a few moments and learn more about this project today?

Feel free to share a link of a cause that’s close to your heart!