A little campy

The "it's been forever" face

The "it's been forever" face

Hey, strangers!  Long time no chat…

I had a great time teaching through the book of Nehemiah with a fabulous group of teens from Austin, Texas.  They built both the wall of Jerusalem AND the Temple with cardboard boxes – crazy cool!

I thought I’d catch you up and set us on a trajectory for the next month.  Check out the video:

God has the HOW. from Ginger Ciminello on Vimeo.

1. I’m open for suggestions!  If you have a question or topic you want addressed this month, then click HERE and ask away!

2. My theme verses for this week of camp were Nehemiah 6:3 and Nehemiah 8:10.  If you aren’t familiar with them or the book, can I encourage you to give it a read-through?  What you’ll find is God’s mighty hand all over 13 chapters… reminding us that if He calls us to it, it can be done!  (With His help!)

3. I finished up “Respectable Sins” by Jerry Bridges, a “Nehemiah” commentary by John MacArthur, and “Epic” by John Eldredge.  All three were challenging and great reads!  “Epic” is a short read all about the epic story our God is telling!  (I would highly recommend this to my Grace Cov. new friends!)

4. I want to pray for you.  Have a request?  I’m setting aside specific time this week to pray for your needs.

5. Thank YOU for praying for my prayer requests for the trip to Austin.  God responded to my concerns, worries and hopes in a way only He can… more than I could ask or imagine.  (More on this tomorrow.)

Have a wonderful week!!


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  • Bek

    sooo good. love it. thanks. :)

  • LOVING the energy I hear in your voice. Glad it was good. God is love. With Joy, Carey

    • Anonymous

      He’s so good at that “restoring my soul” promise!