Thankful For: Traditional Eats


When I was little (read: up until college) I would fill my Thanksgiving plate with dark meat, ketchup, crescent rolls, and maybe carrot sticks for good measure. I didn’t really care for the food of Thanksgiving.  But I’m learning more and more to appreciate the food and traditions we associate with this day of Thanks.

I always watch those crescent roll commercials with the New England family in their sweaters as they joyously pass the rolls and watch as “Father Dear” carves the turkey. I’ve never once seen a whole turkey at our table. We’re buffet people. The dishes of food do not end up on the table until Grandma Ann is lamenting once again that no one has eaten anything – crescent rolls aside. I asked one year if we could have the turkey on the table. The response, “Why?” The turkey did not make it to the table except in slices on our plates.

Our Thanksgiving traditional menus… 
Grandma Ann and Grandpa Joe’s:
• Turkey
• Stuffing
• White Rice
• Sweet Potato Casserole
• Baby Pearl Onions
• Crescent Rolls
• Cranberry and Orange Relish
• Asparagus
• Pumpkin Pie
• Pecan Pie
• Vanilla Ice Cream

Grandma Doris and Grandpa Glenn’s:
• Turkey
• Stuffing
• German Noodles
• Green Bean Casserole
• Sweet Potato Casserole
• Crescent Rolls
• Canned Cranberry Lump Thing
• Beats?
• Chocolate Pie
• Lemon Meringue Pie
• Pecan Pie
• Pumpkin Pie
• A bazillion deserts that sit in Tupperware on the washer and dryer

And of course, neither table was complete without that great American condiment, ketchup.

This year, who knows what new traditions I will get to enjoy!  D and I are staying in town to enjoy a feast with friends and family.  Fingers crossed as we attempt to smoke a turkey!

Thank you God for this food.

Which fabulous foods are unique traditions to your family?

Can’t wait to hear from you…


  • m.

    Beats???  Could that be “beets?”  And no, it wasn’t.  Sliced jellied cranberry sauce.  And also canned asparagus.  ;)

    • Anonymous

      No, we eat lots of treble, bass, and good beats. ;)

  • Cranberry bread in the morning
    Creamed Corn
    5 different jellos with various fruits inside – Not a fan.
    This chocolate pudding dessert thing- BIG fan
    marinated mushrooms – my utmost fav
    Fresh cranberry “relish”
    I just eat turkey, potatoes, corn, rolls and mushrooms.

    • Anonymous

      Love that mushrooms make it onto your table!