Question #14

I’m buckling up and setting my sights on a goal. Because of that, I won’t have the time to devote writing posts for the blog during the month of June. But rather than just going silent, I’ve decided to try something different. I love hearing from you and thoroughly enjoy the interaction that happens in the comment section.

This month I’m going to ask YOU questions. I will weigh in with my own answers, but I’m mainly interested in just getting to know you. Some of the questions will be fun while others will hopefully take us deeper. After all… June is for questions.


QUESTION #14. Aside from the Bible, what book has had the greatest influence on your spiritual life/growth?


This is such a hard question to answer! Why on earth did I ask it?

One book that I have read multiple times and treasure is God is No Fool by Lois A. Cheney. It’s a book of poetry that my college roommate introduced me to in the fall of our freshman year. I keep it on my bedside table at all times so that it’s ready to challenge, convict, and humble at any time.

Which book has inspired growth and change in your life?


  • Awright

    I know it’s fiction by the left behind series had a pretty good impact on me

    • The first 2-3 totally had a big impact on me as a freshman in high school. I had never, ever studied Revelation before and if nothing else – it gave me the courage and interest to start reading it more frequently on my own!

  • Halbert Joseph

    The Alchemist, This Side of Paradise, The Way of the Heart, Point Man.

    • “The Alchemist” is on the top of my husband’s list too and I’ve never read it. Sounds like I have my next pick from the library served up. (Can’t believe I’m not familiar with the other three.)

  • Val

    “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan. It always kicks me in the face!!