Question #18

I’m buckling up and setting my sights on a goal. Because of that, I won’t have the time to devote writing posts for the blog during the month of June. But rather than just going silent, I’ve decided to try something different. I love hearing from you and thoroughly enjoy the interaction that happens in the comment section.

This month I’m going to ask YOU questions. I will weigh in with my own answers, but I’m mainly interested in just getting to know you. Some of the questions will be fun while others will hopefully take us deeper. After all… June is for questions.


QUESTION #18. What’s one character trait you wish you could develop instantly?


Patience. I would love to be described as a patient woman. I’m so tired of waiting for this trait to grow in me!

Anyone else care to weigh in?


  • Wish I had a less sensitive ego.

  • Sarah D.

    I can’t think of a concise way to say it, but I would like to be less defensive.  I’ve really been struggling with defensive reactions and assumptions, and I’m asking God to help me be more careful and gracious in my interactions.

  • Val

    Not to copy you, but patience absolutely! I feel like the Lord has been working on patience in me recently. It’s a tough lesson and I wish I could just GET IT already!! :)