And suddenly, it’s time for Fireworks!

Happy Summer!

Thank you so much for your patience during June. I appreciate your answers and candor to a month full of questions. I feel like I was able to take all the energy I pour into the blog to finally finish up a manuscript that I’ve been working on for almost two years! Hopefully I will have more news on that front in the coming weeks and months. But in the meantime… WHEW.

We are going to get back into a routine soon, but I’m treating today like a phone call with a close friend. So… Hey, Friend! Thanks so much for calling, things are good. Yeah, wow, where to start? Well…

1.) Aside from focused writing, this has been such an exciting month! Engagements, birth announcements, new jobs, travels, volunteer opportunities, growing community, adoption news, spiritual journeys, and emotional breakthroughs – I feel like my circle of friends and family has had so many things to rejoice about. PRAISE THE LORD!

2.) I spent the first few weeks of my writing project working at the local library. I loved the atmosphere and found myself bringing home way too many new books to read at the end of the day. It was so nice to finally have some fun reads to mix in with my usual serious reading. (My favorite new read was “French Kids Eat Everything” by Karen Lee Billon!)

3.) On top of some Ireland travel guides, travel memoirs, and foodie books, I also brought home several cookbooks. My husband and I love to cook together. We especially enjoy tackling complex Italian cuisine. We braved homemade fig and prosciutto ravioli, pizzas, orecchiette, and roasted onion risotto. It’s been a good day in the Ciminello house when you see two aprons draped over the counter and flour everywhere.

4.) To feed our appetite for cooking, we’ve now become slightly addicted to cooking shows. Anyone with me? I feel like I can’t get enough of them. I can do without the ones full of drama – just show me how to combine ingredients!

5.) I’m going to a counselor for the first time at age 30. I’ve wanted to go for years and now I can honestly say that counseling has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. Seriously, I look forward to the one hour with my counselor the way some people anticipate a new movie release. I love it and feel as though we are making some awesome progress.

6.) I’m continuing to read and treasure a book of Puritan Prayers that my friend Becca gave me for my 28th birthday. “The Valley of Vision” is part of my daily read and I love starting my day with the prayers. If you’ve never heard of the book be sure and check it out!

7.) I know it’s really hot wherever you live. It’s probably more humid in your state than here, but can I just say that 112 degrees is miserable no matter what? Remind me again why anyone goes outside in Arizona in the summer…

8.) I received a great question from a friend regarding the fear of being left behind when your friends move into new seasons of life. I’m really looking forward to addressing it this week or next on the blog. I’m planning out the next month, so if you have a “Dear Ginger” question that you’d like to have answered, be sure to send it my way soon!

9.) Just one last group of questions, I promise! What’s your: favorite summer read thus far, favorite cooking show, or 4th of July plans?

10.) I’m excited to be back, to share my heart and continue to hear from you.

Happy July, my friends!


  • What a great update; thanks, Ginger! 

    So far the best book I’ve read this summer was “Washed and Waiting.” 

    I don’t always watch cooking shows, but when I do, I watch “Good Eats.” Stay hungry, my friends.

    4th plans are… up in the air.

    • I see what you did there… up in the air… LIKE A FIREWORK. ;)

  • Val

    Favorite summer read so far: “Endurance,” by Alfred Lansing. It’s about Ernest Shackleton’s famed group of explorers who were stranded in Antarctica for nearly TWO YEARS. (Spoiler alert: they survived!) Such a fascinating read, and all of the icy adjectives were perfect for keeping the Texas summer heat off my mind. 

    Favorite cooking show: I’ve never kept up with any, but my new roommate is more likely to watch shows like that, so I’m pretty sure I’ll have a favorite soon! :)

    4th of July plans: I’m taking the day off of work so I can properly celebrate! I will be sleeping in, hitting the pool with my pals, and finishing the day off with a party that will include food, friends, and “The Sandlot!” Boom. Shaka Laka. Thanks, Founding Fathers.

    • Totally intrigued by that book! Adding to the list.


      Your 4th plans = you’re killing me smalls… too good.