I’ve been trying to figure out why this summer has such a different feel from the rest of the year.

Obvious answers: the oppressive heat, no school, lots of sunlight, swimming, beaches, cookouts.

Not so obvious answers: Bible studies and small groups are taking breaks, lots of kids everywhere you go, no traffic filling the streets from the local elementary and middle schools.

We aren’t really taking a vacation this summer. I’ve gone swimming a whopping three times since May. And I’m a grown-up (in age, at least), so I don’t go to school. SO why does it matter that the summer is flying by if it holds no real changes in my life?

It think just means that life in general is moving forward at a very rapid pace. Friends are entering new seasons of life and I continue to try and figure out where I fit in during all the transitions. Can you identify?

“Nothing has taught me dependence on God like letting go of people.” – Connally Gilliam, Revelations of a Single Woman

This week we are talking about finding contentment even in the midst of the ever-changing seasons of our lives and relationships. I hope you’ll join in on the conversation.



  • Angela Alexander

    I can definitely relate.  It all comes down to having your source of contentment in the Lord.  If your contentment is based on circumstance or worldly things or desires, it will not last and ultimately you will be let down.  Easy to say, but playing this out everyday is difficult.   It’s interesting the times that we live in today – I feel like it is so easy to look at other peoples lives through avenues like Facebook and envy with they have, the season that they are entering into, etc.  It can suck me in quick!! 
     Lots of prayer and time in the Word helps me to guard against discontentment.  But even then, the battle with my flesh is a daily battle.  I’m looking forward to more of your postings this week :) Thanks!

    • Amen and Amen! I totally agree that social media can provide an extra dose of discontentment. I think you hit the nail on the head: DAILY BATTLE! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Angela! p.s. Totally enjoying your new blog! :)