There are good haircuts, and then there are the kind you give yourself when you are slightly emotional and facing your mirror. Please tell me someone else gave themselves bangs just because they were having a bad day. You should have seen the stylist give me the evil eye when I told her I needed her to fix my mess. I cut an uneven chunk from the center. She was able to at least hide it and then I had the frustrating job of trying to keep my bangs plastered to my head for the next few months.

SO FANCY in 2006

I’m hoping this is going to be the good kind of cut.

And it’s really not so much of a cut as it is a trim.

I’ve been blogging full-time for about a year and a half, but I’ve been reading blogs since the days of Xanga back in 2005. My google reader is well stocked with posts to amuse and challenge me for every lunch break from now until 2015. I seriously can’t keep up. There are so many blogs, pics, memes, posts, podcasts, social networks… it can be really overwhelming.

Honest moment: sometimes certain blogs take so much time and energy to read that I actually just let them pile up in my feed until there are about 12 of them and I just clear them all. I don’t read them. Often it’s the blogs that post every day that just don’t get my eyes and my time.

And yet, here I am plugging along and posting every single day of every single week.

I didn’t want to take anyone by complete surprise just in case you mark the start of a new day with blog reading. My mom is amazing and writes an e-mail to a group of family members just about every day and she’s done this for at least the last six years, if not more. On days when she doesn’t write I will often text or call, just to make sure everything is ok.

Everything is more than ok here. I just feel called to invest more time into guest blogging, book writing, speaking preparation, and building relationships.

From here on out I’m only going to be posting 3-4 times a week. Tuesdays will likely go silent and I will either share a Thursday Tip OR a Friday Find each week. I’m hoping this will lead to fresher content and a better experience for us all as a community.

As always, I would love to answer your questions, respond to your comments, and hear directly from you! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and follow.


p.s. If I EVER come up to you and say… I’m thinking about trying bangs again… just slap me.