Friday Finds: Products worth Pinning!

I am a big fan of pinterest. My husband can attest to that fact as I’m pretty sure I’ve made a new pinterest recipe just about every single night for the past year. Thanks, PINTEREST. Nom. Nom.

Rather than pinning and hoping someone catches these, I wanted to be sure and put some of my favorite things of the week front and center! If this was a new board I would title it “Things I like LOVE on Friday.”

1. Signs by Aimee Weaver! I’m crossing my fingers and saving my pennies for one of these lovelies. I am hunting the perfect color combo for a wall in our bedroom. She has a blog and a facebook page that I would encourage you to explore because her stuff is gorg-e-ous.

2. Pine Cove Videos. Ok, so maybe I’m biased, but these program videos make me laugh. This camp in Texas holds a special place in my heart. Check out all their videos… and maybe… check out all of the amazing camping experiences they offer. (P.S. If you are a college student check out THIS page!!) And also… there’s this gem.

3. Emily Freeman’s new book “Graceful.” You know I’ve talked up “Grace for the Good Girl” but LADIES, this one is so lovely. I’m reading it over my lunch break every day and I just don’t want to put it down. I have so many sentences underlined. The by-line says “Letting go of your try-hard life.” Let this soak in and then put this book on your list of must haves… “Life isn’t about trying hard to be good, it’s about trusting God to be graceful in us.”


4. __________________________.

Fill in the blank! What’s on the radar that I’m missing. What do you recommend this Friday?

Happy Weekend!