Winner, Winner… chicken dinner.

Thanks to so many of you who subscribed, shared, and entered the “Graceful” giveaway! The rafflecopter program makes my job super easy. We have two copies and two winners!

Congratulations to Maddie Q and Erin W! You are the winner, winners. Shoot me an e-mail with where you would like me to send your copy of “Graceful”!

Too everyone who entered and doesn’t yet have one of Emily Freeman’s books, I wanted to be sure and promote them one more time. Christmas is around the corner. There is someone in your life (maybe you!) who could use a rush of grace in the form of one of these books. God speaks to us through many things, He just happened to use “Grace for the Good Girl” in my life.

Many of you have asked which book you should purchase or read first. I’ll let the author, Emily P. Freeman, speak from her heart.

“Graceful: Letting go of your try-hard life” (for young women)

This book is for the prom queen, the athlete, the bookworm and the dreamer. For the self-critic, the silent judge and for the girl who feels invisible. Many girls in high school are trying hard to catch up but aren’t quite sure what it is they’re chasing. It’s no wonder they have a hard time understanding God’s grace as a gift they can’t earn or be worthy of. We don’t have to be perfect, but we can trust the One who is. 

“Grace for the Good Girl: Letting go of the try-hard life”

Growing up in the church, I picked up a version of the gospel that had little to do with Jesus and a lot to do with me. I tried hard to be good but never felt good enough. And so I learned to hide. I believe women need to talk about the ways we hide, the longing to be known, the fear in the knowing. Beyond that, I believe in the life-giving power of story, in the beauty of vulnerability, and in the strength that is found in weakness.

This book is an invitation to release your tight hold on that familiar, try-hard life and lean your weight heavy into the love of Jesus. I hope in reading you will move from trying so hard to please God to discover what it might be like for you to trust him.

I enjoyed both books. I underlined and dog-eared in both books. But I do think each of them is targeted toward a specific audience, and rightly so!

“Graceful” is the perfect choice for any reader in junior high and high school, while “GFTGG” would be a great gift for women in college on up. The books contain some similar portions, but they simply approach embracing grace in a style that best fits the two audiences. These beauties will definitely be making an appearance under more than one Christmas tree this year. Happy Reading!

Walking in Grace,