Friday Finds: Seventy-One

I’ve mentioned my love for Lois A. Cheney’s poetry before, but today I wanted to share one of my favorites from her book “God is No Fool.” She reminds me to persevere AND rest in prayer.

seventy-one by Lois A. Cheney

Once, I prayed,
Who am I?
If only I knew who I was.
If only I knew what I could do.
And I prayed more earnestly,
Who am I?
If only I knew, faith would come.
If only I knew, strength would spread.
If only I knew, I could
work and serve and grow.
And I demanded in prayer
Who am I?
And he smiled,
And said,
“It is enough that I know,
Follow me.”
And I did
It is enough that He knows – it must be enough! I am, plain and simply, a child of God. How refreshing. How encouraging.  How challenging. I hope and pray that your spiritual journey, wherever it is, might be rooted in Him.
Happy Friday!
  • Donna

    I love this poem. The message hit home!

  • These words are a gigantic breath of fresh air to me. Yes and amen. Thanks for posting this! xoxo