Thursday Tips: Releasing Control


Did the title make you shudder?

The Thursday Tip I’m sharing this morning came out of a real life experience from this week.

  • I had something on the calendar.
  • I was looking forward to that event on the calendar.
  • One phone call an hour before the event and suddenly everything changed. The appointment was cancelled.

And by my response… you would have thought I’d been told that my leg would be amputated later that day.

I don’t like last-minute changes. I like to be in control. ALWAYS. I’m learning new lessons about this every day. Here’s what happened:

Thursday Tips: Releasing Control from Ginger Ciminello on Vimeo.

I love this quote from John Newton. I’m copying it onto a card and placing it on the front of my calendar today.

“…If the very hairs of our head are numbered; if every event great and small, is under the direction of his providence and purpose; and if he has a wise, holy, and gracious end in view, to which everything that happens is subordinate and subservient; – then we have nothing to do, but with patience and humility to follow as he leads, and cheerfully to expect a happy issue… How happy are they who can resign all to him, see his hand in every dispensation, and believe that he chooses better for them than they possibly could for themselves!”

Amen. Amen. And Amen!

May this reminder serve to give us all peace in the midst of changed plans this week!


  • As I sat on the couch on my due date, I knew I was definitely not in control. Even when the doctor kept telling me I’d be early, early, early. I posted this on Instagram the day before he was due:

    I hope it encourages you!

    • @jordyliz:disqus – It certainly does! Copying this down and sharing! :)

  • Sarah G.

    Dear friend, please know that this post was not just for you. Having just bought and moved into a house, I have been struggling with so many uncontrollables and unknowns. I feel like God is trying to reveal to me how much of a burden it is to try to assume control and inevitably fail, and He wants to release me from that burden. When I focus on the anxiety, I am taking my focus away from Him and I’m not letting Him help me. Thanks for sharing your vulnerability, it makes me stronger.

    • @ffde299d9a7b4a33345b10f8e64e5e4f:disqus – Friend, thank you so much for sharing YOUR vulnerability. I absolutely want to hear all about the new house and transition. Know you continue to be in my prayers. LOVE!