One Month Later


One month ago my life changed for the better. It’s certainly isn’t easier or more restful, but the addition of my daughter to our home has certainly added a depth of joy I hadn’t known before.

I’ve been learning a few things in this little furlough. I thought I would be back to blogging and working from home just a few weeks postpartum. I’ve had every intention to write thank you notes, respond to e-mails, and finish projects as soon as they cross my path.

But a “new normal” has entered my life and it contains a lot more grace. God’s promise of grace is something I’m slowly beginning to accept in new and real ways. I know I fall short of His holiness and perfection, but often I’m more concerned about meeting the expectations I set for myself. I expect each day to be filled with accomplishments. I never guessed those accomplishments might include a list of only three things in one day… four if I shower.

Can you identify?

Today grace looks like shorter posts, delayed responses, and heaping doses of forgiveness. I have so much to learn.


  • Renea McKenzie

    “But a ‘new normal’ has entered my life and it contains a lot more grace.” A good word for any new season. Love you, hun.

  • Oh sweet friend. Welcome to motherhood. I laugh at the crazy things I said before I had Cannon. I thought I’d be adjusted and productive by such and such a date and well, that date flew right by along with a few months. I hope your day is just full of grace to enjoy those newborn snuggles, those cluster feedings, the middle of the sleepless nights and even the time you get to sneak away by yourself for a coffee just so you can feel like a real person again. You’ll find a new rhythm soon and then you’ll realize that these crazy newborn days passed all too fast. I’m type-A and can wield to-do lists with the best of them . . . I know it’s hard to slow. Just wanted you to know you’re not alone. And we look forward to the quick instagram pic of that beautiful daughter of yours just as much as we look forward to your long blog posts. ;-)

    • @lstiller:disqus – THIS was so encouraging, timely, and just perfect. I thought about your words multiple times over the weekend. Always so good to remember just to enjoy what’s in front of me rather than regretting what currently has to take 2nd place.