Crazy Thursday

Good morning! To those of you that received the abbreviated post early this morning, I apologize! I had every desire to finish that post and have it ready to go, but life stepped in and rearranged my plans yesterday.

I took a two month old to the grocery store for the first time.

The good news: we survived, but we’ll just say that all of my brain power and energy were sapped.

The even better news: I did not say “I feel so overwhelmed” yesterday. Instead, my prayer was, “Lord, let me be overwhelmed by your goodness.”

That’s the kind of overwhelming I want in my life: more gratitude, wonder, and attention to the way my heavenly Father loves me on a daily basis. Tomorrow I’m sharing a Friday Find that reminds me of just that!


  • Lisa Spidle

    Hey there! I loved being overwhelmed with his goodness and grace! That is such a great way to look at it. Blessings!