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Ginger Ciminello is engaging, humorous, biblically sound, relatable, thought provoking and every adjective you can think of to describe an incredible speaker. But more important than her natural gifts and talents as a communicator is the incredible condition of her heart. The calling from God on Ginger’s life is firm. The passion she displays in expressing Christ’s story pushes you to think in ways that you never expected. It dares you to reexamine your current perspective and motivates you to create change in your life.  God’s overwhelming power and presence will be evident with your investment in Ginger Ciminello.

Carey C. Bailey, Cravings: Desiring God in the Midst of Motherhood

“Ginger is a talented speaker. Her content focuses on the truths of Scripture and the availability of the Gospel. Her delivery is unique; rare is the occasion when I have ever found myself underwhelmed by her funny, vulnerable, and engaging speaking style. I remember telling Ginger years ago that she should start a speaking and teaching ministry. I am thrilled for all of our sakes that she has done so. I count it a privilege to be a partner in the Gospel with her & find myself looking forward to having the opportunity to listen whenever she speaks.”

Matt Lantz, Pine Cove Forge Director

“Today you said you speak because you wish you could talk to your 12- year-old self… I wish you could have talked to my 12-year-old self too! I recognize that you put yourself out there sharing personal and sometimes painful things in order to reach out to the students. I just want you to know that it doesn’t go unnoticed… You are such a blessing!”

Victoria Ryals, Mother of a High School Student – Surprise, Arizona

“Ginger is by far the most gifted speaker I have ever witnessed in my eight years of working with children and youth. She has a passion inside of her, like no one else I have ever seen; it captivates from the youngest to the oldest, from the serious moments to the lighthearted moments and everywhere in between.  (And her facial expressions are to die for.)”

Brittni Mesic, Desert Life Church Children’s Ministry Director – Scottsdale, Arizona

“I want to thank you again for joining us at our retreat.  You exceeded my hopes and expectations with the quality of teaching and meaningful time spent with our girls. I love that our girls got to hear from YOU about becoming a godly woman. What a blessing you were to all of us!”

Jeremiah Ebeling, Grace Covenant Church Youth Pastor – Austin, Texas

The response to the Women’s Banquet has been awesome. I have had so many women tell me how they are still thinking about your message and how much it impacted them. I just appreciate you so much. You did an incredible job.”

Natalie Hearn, Desert Life Church – Scottsdale, Arizona

“If Ginger is speaking on stage, you can be sure that there is not a single person who isn’t paying attention. She ALWAYS captures the audience with her funny personality and wisdom. She is incredibly passionate about every topic she speaks on and has on of the biggest hearts for teenagers that I have ever seen.”

Sarah Miller, High School Sophomore – Phoenix, Arizona

“Discernment, passion, exuberance, wit, intelligence, humor, strength, and wisdom are the tools that the Lord has bestowed upon Ginger Ciminello. To whom much is given, much is required, and Ginger dynamically pours out her soul, whether she is talking to an individual or a large group, to lead them to the throne His grace, truth, and love found in the Word. She knows the Word and delights in sharing the hope, struggle, and joy of denying oneself daily and following Him. Remaining true to Jeremiah 20:9, she cannot keep the fire of the Lord inside of her; it simply flows out freely and abundantly.”

Cherie Bates, Baylor University Junior – Waco, Texas

“Ginger Ciminello is the type of gal that you never get tired of listening to. She has this charismatic presence that’s not intimidating, but rather inviting towards anyone that’s willing to lend an ear. Ginger knows exactly how to relate to a specific group of people and does it effectively with her witty sense of humor, compelling personality, and astounding faith in Christ. I recommend this extraordinary woman to anyone in search of a captivating speaker!”

Elizabeth Andronic, High School Junior – Peoria, Arizona

“Ginger is one of the most inspiring people I know! She has talent in abundance and is an absolute joy to be around, but these characteristics hardly scratch the surface of why I love her so much. One of my absolute favorite things about this remarkable individual is that she’s real. Unafraid to share her own struggles, Ginger’s authenticity is a glimpse at what God is more than willing to do in the life of one that is committed to Him.”

Lydia Hreniuc, Arizona State University Sophomore – Phoenix, Arizona


I just wanted to thank you again for coming to speak at the conference.  It was such a blessing to have you here and as you know, I cannot tell you how much better a conference goes when you have a good speaker.  I know the leaders and the girls loved having you here.  I wanted to share the comments with you from our evaluations.

“Our speaker was AWESOME!  She kept the attention of the girls and was such a blessing.  Loved her.”

“Connected really well with the girls as well as with us.”

“She really was amazing and really spoke to me.  The topics were great and well done.  They were funny and related well to them.”

“God has his hand on her and will use her to reach women to seek him.  Very uplifting and her stories helped so much for everyone to relate and connect – then she pointed us all to love and seek Jesus.”

“Good expositor of scripture.  Good use of humor to draw the girls in.  Bless her for her willingness to be vulnerable before the girls.”

“Ginger was incredible and impacted my life as well as to the students.”

Thanks again!”

Hannah Helmink, Pine Cove Timbers Guest Relations Coordinator – Tyler, Texas