Texas Bound

Pray for my little family of three right now if you have a moment. We are taking Little Miss on her first flight this morning. I’ve never been afraid of flying but I do have an immense fear of disrupting the peace. I am a rule follower. So the idea that I have this little someone who will possibly scream, leak out fluids, and cause disruptions is less than exciting. But I know that we will learn a lot. God continues to teach me about releasing control. YAY FOR ANOTHER LESSON!

I’m thrilled for the opportunity to introduce Baby Girl to my extended family, but I’m also pumped to be speaking at my first event post-baby. I’m going to be hanging out with Jr. High students this weekend and talking about living wide awake. Throw a prayer up for that one as well!

Saturday afternoon I’m having my first event for the release of my book, Forget the Corsage. I’m so thankful it is happening in a place that has such a rich history for me: Tyler, Texas.

If you are in the area on Saturday afternoon, I would love to see you, meet you, and hug your neck. (Just your neck. My sister tells me this phrase is a little terrifying.)


Because it’s a party, cookies are likely to be involved. (I’m not above bribery.) See you at The Scroll on Saturday. If not, I’ll be back on the blog next week.

Happy Weekending!


Seasons of Waiting

One of my favorite lovelies, Megan, got married this weekend. Woohoo! I was so sad to miss the wedding in Louisiana. Boo. I know it was gorgeous and I’m sure plenty of tears were shed. She has an incredible love story set to the tune of “waiting on the Lord” in the key of patience and trust. I missed her wedding because I am 9 months prego and my due date was actually Saturday. I’m learning my own lessons in waiting.

I want what I want when I want it. I am an American consumer used to getting her way. I’m thankful that things don’t run on my timeline. Perspective has shown me that God’s ways and timing, although sometimes frustrating in the moment, are always for the best. This week I’m taking the time to give thanks for His timing.


More to come… unless Baby Girl shows up and surprises me.

Following and waiting,


Blessings by Surprise


I took this photo with my phone, so apolgies that you can’t see all of the perfect details created by my friend Carey. The wreath has Peter Rabbit details and lettering that spells out “Rejoice!” There could not have been a more appropriate centerpiece for the weekend. A whole gaggle of lovely and wonderful people took time out of their Sunday to shower Baby Girl and I with love, gifts, encouragement, and really good food. I felt so blessed to be in the presence of so much joy.

I remarked multiple times about how surprised I was to have so many gathered together from various circles of my life. Because Phoenix has some ridiculous urban sprawl, some of the guests had to travel for over 45 minutes to attend, and yet they still came.

And then, the youth group that my husband and I have volunteered with for the past year surprised us with a mini showering of gifts at our end of the year picnic. Talk about a tear-inducing weekend, but these were the best kind of tears.

I think it’s hard for us to believe that God really does give good gifts. (It’s probably because our own hearts can be pretty stingy examples of generosity… or at least mine is.)

The abundant blessings on Sunday reminded me of the lengths our Heavenly Father goes to shower us with love. There’s not a bullet point for this post. I don’t even really have much more to say other than to remind us all that HIS GOOD IS GOOD.

When you end up alone in a giant city… His good is good.

When your plans fall through… His good is good.

When you fear leaving what you have to embrace what could be… His good is good.

When you obey even when you don’t want to… His good is good.

His good is so good.