Friday Finds: Mmm Mmm Good

 It’s been over a month since I last had the opportunity to share some of my favorite bits from the interwebs. My google reader was filled with great starred material to choose from. So this Friday I ask you… have you read these?

1. A post titled “God With Us” from the blog Fast. Pray. How can you not want to keep reading an entry that begins with, “Two weeks ago I went on one of the worst dates of my life”? Trust me, you should keep reading.

2. A powerful reminder from Thoughts from Fabs in her “Satisfied: be okay “entry. She writes, “This desire will control the destiny of every single one of us.  It will either lead us to trust in our Creator or trust in created things.” If you care to know which desire she happens to be talking about, you really should just follow the link and find out.

3. Renea’s post about A One-Size-Fits-All Modesty had me nodding my head in agreement. Great reminders as we head into the midst of summer wardrobes… “Rules alone won’t better our relationship with God; it’s what’s behind the rules.”

4. I actually printed out Kevin East’s post about the kind of applause worth desiring: Perspective- Lessons from a standing ovation.  It’s tucked into the back of my journal to remind me that I serve an audience of One.

5. And finally delightful chocolate therapy from my own sister, Valerie. She blogs with a great group of witty and caring people at The Corner Booth. Her post, With a Little Help From My Friends is tender and lovely and shows one of the many reasons she has a life filled to the brim with friendships.

Happy reading, Happy Friday!



Friday Finds: Starred

I’m going through the starred items in my google reader and sharing my favorite blog posts from the past few weeks. When I star something in my reader it’s like hanging a picture on my wall – total framer. If you haven’t read them yet, may I strongly recommend that you check each one of them out!

Happy reading and Happy Friday!

-Joy’s post at Love And Respect NowLessons from John Maxwell & a Four-Year-Old – that title alone should capture your attention! Great reminder about being intentional in our questions and conversations.

-From the intentional and challenging writers over at Fast. Pray.The Marriage Calculator – This post packs a powerful punch.”In terms of singleness, it often takes the form of a giant mental calculator where marriage is the end goal and various life choices have point values.  And somehow, when you get over a certain number of points – voila! – spouse!”  Follow the link and keep reading!

-Jordy once again hits me where it hurts – my selfish pride. Jordy Liz Blogs: Selfish Expectations Will I ever learn to check unrealistic expectations at the door when it comes to relationships?

Jeff Goins post at Michal Hyatt’s blog: How to live your dream when you’re scared to death“Remember: Until you start living it, you’re only dreaming.” Once again I’m reminded to choose passion and obedience over fear.

Care to share what you’ve been starring and saving up this month?