Friday Finds: Top Picks

I’m checking in on this lovely and HOT Friday morning to share some of my favorite posts from the past few years. If you can’t tell, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately. Something about “The unexamined life is not worth living…”  – you know, that whole Socrates thing. So the gazillion journals have been pulled off my shelves and I’ve been going through years of posts on Xanga, Blogspot, and this site. For those of you who have only started following in the past few months, there are a ton of posts on all sorts of topics on this website. Simply utiize the search button or key words listed at the very bottom. But rather than send you on a scavenger hunt today I’ve decided to collect a few favorites- mine and yours.

Here we go! (Thanks to Abby for sparking the idea!)

top picks

Favorite Series:

Hindsight (all sorts of talented guest bloggers)
Navigating the High Seas of Relationships (a whole series on dating)

Favorite Thursday Tips:

Combat Lies

About Self-Worth:

Uncomfortable in my Own Skin

About Friendship:

Staying Sharp
Heartaches, Together

About Spiritual Growth:

Check the Connection

Tough Questions from “Dear Ginger”:

Dear Ginger: The Fear of Being Left Behind
Dear Ginger: Help Please

Most Read:

Famine to Feast (healing after heartache)
Interested but not Desperate (when you really wish you had more than just a friendship)
Passion, Not the Fruit (determining your passion in life)

Personal Favorite stand-alone post:



Thanks for two and a half years of conversation and community! Here’s to the next season!