Seasons of Waiting

One of my favorite lovelies, Megan, got married this weekend. Woohoo! I was so sad to miss the wedding in Louisiana. Boo. I know it was gorgeous and I’m sure plenty of tears were shed. She has an incredible love story set to the tune of “waiting on the Lord” in the key of patience and trust. I missed her wedding because I am 9 months prego and my due date was actually Saturday. I’m learning my own lessons in waiting.

I want what I want when I want it. I am an American consumer used to getting her way. I’m thankful that things don’t run on my timeline. Perspective has shown me that God’s ways and timing, although sometimes frustrating in the moment, are always for the best. This week I’m taking the time to give thanks for His timing.


More to come… unless Baby Girl shows up and surprises me.

Following and waiting,