Question #14

I’m buckling up and setting my sights on a goal. Because of that, I won’t have the time to devote writing posts for the blog during the month of June. But rather than just going silent, I’ve decided to try something different. I love hearing from you and thoroughly enjoy the interaction that happens in the comment section.

This month I’m going to ask YOU questions. I will weigh in with my own answers, but I’m mainly interested in just getting to know you. Some of the questions will be fun while others will hopefully take us deeper. After all… June is for questions.


QUESTION #14. Aside from the Bible, what book has had the greatest influence on your spiritual life/growth?


This is such a hard question to answer! Why on earth did I ask it?

One book that I have read multiple times and treasure is God is No Fool by Lois A. Cheney. It’s a book of poetry that my college roommate introduced me to in the fall of our freshman year. I keep it on my bedside table at all times so that it’s ready to challenge, convict, and humble at any time.

Which book has inspired growth and change in your life?


Friday Finds: Poetry



I know what you’re thinking… or at least I can guess.

“POETRY?  You are recommending I purchase a book of poetry?  THIS ISN’T SCHOOL!”

You have a point.  This isn’t required reading.  You can totally forget that I ever mentioned it.  But this little book, God is No Fool by Lois A. Cheney, is one of my favorite books OF ALL TIME for devotional reading.  It’s a spiritual workout.

It was first published in 1969 and went out of print by the time I wanted to get my hands on it when I was a freshman in college.  My roommate, Joy, had a precious copy that she kept in a ziplock bag because the pages were falling out.  The good news for all of us: they printed a 40th anniversary addition!

I’ve given this poignant and clever book to countless people.  My grandmother ended up selecting it for her book club to read last year.  I quoted one of the poems on Wednesday.

If you even think that you might enjoy this book, order it or put it on your Christmas wish list.

“In 1969, God Is No Fool delighted readers, consoled them, provoked them and inspired them to consider God and life in new ways. The short musings in the book are funny, earnest, loving, probing and full of joy. Reading this book, you will embark on a journey whose ultimate destination is a better understanding of faith, people and the world around you. On the 40th anniversary of the original publication, Lois Cheney’s reflections are as powerful and necessary as ever.” (

Yes and yes.  Happy Reading!