Friday Finds: Summer Favorites Edition

I don’t know about you but it’s hard for me to believe that next week will be September. How did that happen? I feel like yesterday was July 4th, but maybe that’s just life with a baby. Today I’m sharing a few of my favorites that have helped me enjoy my summer indoors. I haven’t seen a pool since Memorial Day and I really have only spent a handful of hours outside since May. For real.

So here’s a little bit of fun to enter our three-day weekend. Woohoo!

1. One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp


My mom gave me this book over a year ago and I’ve been meaning to read it ever since. It just so happens that NOW was the perfect season for me to read it. I’ve never felt so motivated to live in gratitude with a word of thanksgiving on my lips. If you haven’t read this book or checked out Ann’s blog, give yourself a gift and make sure you put this one on your list!

2. The Giver Series by Lois Lowery


The Giver has been one of my favorite books for the past decade. It took having lots of downtime to finally check out the rest of the series. Think Hunger Games minus the violence. It’s young adult fiction but the themes within the book have nothing to do with teen romance. Each of the books has left me thinking for days. The fourth and final book in the series just came out last fall. I’m a big fan.

3. Say Yes to the Dress


What is it about watching people find wedding dresses? I really could watch every single episode of this reality show. Totally mindless entertainment, but this has been the summer for just that. ;)

4. Photo Apps

Heaven knows I’m taking a zillion photos of my baby. I’m trying to use some restraint and not post my child up on every social media outlet. I do have some go to apps for the photos I take on my phone. If you haven’t looked at these, here are some winning cheap options.

Big Lens

5. Camelbak Waterbottle


I have three of these bottles and I literally have one at my side every single day. I love that the straw makes life easy when I have a baby in my arms and this klutz also appreciates that it is spill-proof. Big Win.

So there you go – random list from my life indoors. I would love to hear your summer fun favs.

Happy Weekending!