Telling THE Story

Photo by Andrea Alley, 2011

Several years ago I was challenged to examine my life and see if I couldn’t narrow all of my hopes, dreams, and goals into a life mission statement.  It actually came at the perfect time during the beginning of a life transition.  I realized that I had thousands of roads I could travel.  I needed a way to begin to seek direction.  Ephesians would tell me that God has prepared works in advance for me to do.  So I decided to take on the challenge and discover my personal mission statement.

I started by asking myself when I feel most like who I’m meant to be.  The word that kept coming to the surface was “story.”  I am captivated by story. I find myself taken in by song lyrics, distracted by characters, and challenged by the men and women of Scripture.  All Scripture is indeed inspired and written to teach us and bring us hope; however, it is the skill with which it is all woven together that excites and thrills me.  I delight in our God who is the Master Storyteller.  So as I prepared to craft the mission statement that would aid me in my search, I knew that the element of story would play a vital role in its construction.

My heart beats to communicate God’s story. Thank goodness He has prepared the way as Creator and Artist for others to worship and serve in the same way.  When I was in high school I witnessed a drama ministry team producing quality art that rang clear with truth.  I was inspired and challenged to take up the call.  I knew in my heart that I was wired and gifted for specific tasks and it was my job to accomplish them through His Spirit.

Whether through music, multi-media, literature, theatre, or any form of the creative arts, my calling is to communicate the greatest story ever told.  More and more I recognize that when I speak and teach to young women about their true identity in Christ, I feel God’s pleasure. But no matter what age I teach, or what venue I have to communicate that message, I desire to use my gifts to glorify the Lord.