I don’t know about you – but I thoroughly enjoy two things:

1. Winning
2. Free Stuff

So I figured I would combine them for one April “You’d be a FOOL not to enter this contest” giveaway.


A copy of From Head to Foot: All of you living all for Him by Annie F. Downs

“From Head to Foot is a devotional that reads like a memoir-deeply personal, touching and delightfully humorous. A true storyteller, Annie Downs takes readers on an eventful journey from the top of your head to the tip of your toes and everywhere in between.” (Book Jacket)

I started reading Annie’s Blog at the beginning of the year and I couldn’t be happier to promote her as a lovely person and a talented author.  She is hilarious (no really, hilarious), honest, and in love with the Lord.  This book would be perfect for a small group leader, youth staff, mother of a teen, or anyone who is seeking to to grow in their spiritual walk!


The contest is open from today, April 4th until 5pm Pacific Time on Friday, April 8th.

There are several ways to enter and you can enter each way ONCE.  Simply leave a separate comment for each entry.

1. Ask a question for the “Ask Ginger” section. I’m looking for questions to tackle in future blog posts!
2. Follow me on Twitter – @gingercim.
3. “Like” the Ginger Ciminello Facebook page.
4. Share this giveaway link on Twitter (include @gingercim in the post).
5. Share this giveaway link on Facebook.
6. “Like” the Annie Downs Facebook page.

That’s six ways to win people. Six ways! The two winners will be selected randomly by (go figure) over the weekend and will be announced in a post on Monday, April 11th.



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  • Anonymous

    Tell us about your favorite acting role and why. (If it doesn’t have to do with Reality Island I might be disappointed. ;) XOXO

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  • Eva Sersland

    Consider yourself/blog shared on Facebook.

  • Eva Sersland

    and I also like Annie Downs of Facebook!

  • Eva Sersland

    Woot Woot! Of COURSE I like Ginger Ciminello on FB :)

  • I will be sharing this right now on FB!

  • I TOTALLY like you! And I like you on FB!

  • I follow you on Twitter. Now I just need to learn to use it!

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  • Stephanie H.

    I Like Annie Downs on FB.

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  • I also shared the link of Facebook. You’re blog will soon be poppin with comments!

  • Shared the giveaway to all of my “peeps” on twitter….get it? Peeps? I “crack” myself up! ;)

  • Just “Like”ed Annie Downs…she sounds like a cool cat! :)

  • Haley Purdy Jensen

    I just liked Annie Downs!

  • Haley Purdy Jensen

    I follow you on twitter! (@haleyelisabeth)

  • Haley Purdy Jensen

    I like you on facebook!

  • Amanda Wissmann

    I’ll get back around to asking a question! I want to think about it first…

    Happy Monday!

  • Amanda Wissmann

    Shared giveaway on Facebook.

  • Amanda Wissmann

    “Like”-d the Anni Downs Facebook page!

  • Amanda Wissmann


    Ginger @gingercim is hosting a giveaway! Check it out:

  • Amanda Wissmann

    Already “Like” your Facebook page!

  • Amanda Wissmann

    SO fun :) Im a new reader at Annie’s blog, and I’m in love already.

    Already a follower on Twitter! (amandalaura626)

  • Jodi_marie83

    ok…i’ve already done 3 of these things previous to the contest..does that count? lol..i already own 13 copies ( no really), but i do need ONE more!