Who am I?

seventy-one by Lois A. Cheney

Once, I prayed,
Who am I?
If only I knew who I was.
If only I knew what I could do.
And I prayed more earnestly,
Who am I?
If only I knew, faith would come.
If only I knew, strength would spread.
If only I knew, I could
work and serve and grow.
And I demanded in prayer
Who am I?
And he smiled,
And said,
“It is enough that I know,
Follow me.”
And I did

It is enough that He knows who I am… it must be enough!

It is only when I place my identity, dependency, and hope on Him that I even begin to know who I am.  What matters is who I am in Him.

On my own I am broken, arrogant, desperate, and searching.

In Him I am victorious, humbled, loved, and satisfied.

My job is not who I am.  My friendships and relationships are not who I am.  My talents aren’t who I am.  My name isn’t who I am.  I am, plain and simply, a child of God.  How refreshing.  How encouraging.  How challenging.

I hope and pray that your spiritual journey, wherever you are on that road, is grounded on your identity in Him.  How He sees, loves, and saves is the only thing that counts.


  • thank you for this ginger.  I meant to tell you last week, that this was so good to hear.  thank you.

    • Anonymous

      So glad it was a blessing. :)

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  • Renea

    This was great, Ginger; thank you. I don’t think I’ve ever thought of my/our identity in Christ from this angle; it’s most helpful.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry I somehow missed your comment!  Thank you for reading… and commenting… and sharing… and being such a dear friend.