Thursday Tips: Pull out the Markers

My friends.

I once made a video about one of my favorite ways to pray. It was one of my favorite videos I have ever made.  And to this day it is the 2nd least viewed video in the history of ever.

I’m sharing about “Praying in Color” again today because this avenue for prayer gave me such freedom in my prayer time!  I was just telling another friend about it this week and I became so excited that I knew I wanted to share the video again.

I tried my best to create a short clip to help you understand the process developed and written about by SybilMacBeth.  Sybil has lots of her own videos, books, seminars and other helps on the Praying in Color website and blog that I would encourage you to check out if this at all speaks to a creative side of you.

Let’s face it: we were made by a Creative God to increase His goodness in this world.  Since we are indwelt by His Spirit and made in His image, we can also claim creativity as one of our defining traits… even when we don’t feel particularly gifted in this area.

I can tell you that some of my friends and co-workers panicked when we tried this together.  They wanted more rules and structure.  That’s fine!  This isn’t for everyone.  This is hopefully just another suggestion to get us out of our usual patterns and into some much needed time of communion and communication with the Father.

Here goes nothing!

Praying in color,

  • I’m so glad you reposted this, I really enjoyed the creativity of this approach!

    • I share this method because I use it 2-3 times a week. I have found it focuses my mind and enhances my prayer time!

  • Val

    I love this video. :)