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On the Sea of Galilee!

It’s 5:00am in Arizona and I’ve been up since 3:00. Perhaps sleeping 12 hours the night before wasn’t the best idea. Regardless, I spent the last two hours tossing and turning and praying and dreaming until I just couldn’t stand it any more. I had to get up.

I just pulled up my e-mail account and noticed a string of messages from my friend, Jon. Jon is my web guru of sorts. He is part of a small team of magic workers who graciously provide advice and skill to this technology/media deficient soul. I mentioned something yesterday about wanting some future changes and tweaks and the man took the idea and ran with it! If you are reading through google reader you probably won’t notice anything different, but the blog is getting a makeover to say the least. THANK YOU, JON!!

Things are still in transition, so bear with me while we make everything all fancy. :)

Once I hit 3:30am on the clock this morning I knew I wouldn’t be heading back to sleep any time soon. So I turned to prayer. Usually my prayers during the night tend to go something like this, “Lord… please be with everyone that I know. Help me to love them. Now PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help me to go back to sleep as soon as possible.”

My Aunt Kathy was able to join us on our trip to Israel. I loved having her there. The Lord used her to speak into my life just as powerfully as He did the lessons each day. She had trouble sleeping several nights. She would go to sleep by 9:00pm only to wake up at 1:00am or 3:00am. She told me how she used that time to pray for everyone in our family by name, to read God’s Word, and to search His heart. Not once did she talk about begging to go back to sleep.

I want my heart to be under God’s construction. I’ve seen and heard too much in the last two weeks to stay the same.

But there’s this part of me that’s terrified that I won’t be able to make all the changes; that somehow I will stay in the same ruts and routines. I stared into the darkness this morning and begged that God wouldn’t let me stay the same… that He would touch me and heal me.

In the stillness of the early hours of the morning I felt the answer wash over me like the waterfall I stood under at Ein Gedi. [In the desert where David hid from Saul! Check out Psalm 63!] His water causes dead things to come to life. As long as I am connected to the Living Water I will grow strong roots that can withstand any drought or flood. His power is what works in me, not my own strength or will. You don’t stand to the side of a stream and hope to get wet… you jump in. The water does the work. His passionate, filling, life-giving water is available each and every day. I just have to remember to come to the water.

 “But blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, 
   whose confidence is in him. 
 He will be like a tree planted by the water 
   that sends out its roots by the stream. 
It does not fear when heat comes; 
   its leaves are always green. 
It has no worries in a year of drought 
   and never fails to bear fruit.” Jeremiah 17:7-8, NIV

Under construction,

  • Langford Joy

    Sweet Gin-Gin: First, LOVE the new look of the blog. Second, such a sweet picture of you and David up there – you guys look full of the substance of Christ. Third, it makes my heart swell to know you’ve been to these places… 

    • Joyous! Thank you on all accounts. I can’t wait to share more with you. We finished the lesson on Mt. Carmel and David turned to me and said, “And that’s why his name is Elijah!” We were speaking of your enthusiastic little one – how fitting that he is called “My God is the Lord!” Love to your fam!

  • Jordan Whitlach

    ohh i like the fun new look! mine is coming soon. :) glad you are back!

  • Frances Wycoff

    Thank you for this blog, Ginger.  I have been continually been putting off reading the Word despite being filled up by things I have heard over the past week or two.  This pushed me to read.  GOD works through YOU! 

    • I’m honored that you read it! So glad to know God uses ANYTHING to get our attention and set our focus straight. Praying we are both refreshed by God’s truth today!

  • Lscorza

    Such beautiful and encouraging words. Have you heard this verse…
    “But each day the LORD pours his unfailing love upon me, and through each night I sing his songs, praying to God who gives me life.”. Psalm 42:8. I found it a few years ago and I love it.

    • I love that verse – but I’ve never heard it in the translation you shared! So poetic. That truth bit is heading for my mirror today! Thank you, Lorraine!

  • Shannonmichaelis

    Thanks for the heads up as I am always behind online.  I want more – keep blogging!  (Said the girl who never blogs)

  • hootenannie

    Go, Jon!  The site looks awesome – super clean and streamlined.  I love it.

    So glad you’re back, G.  Can’t wait to hear more and more and more about your trip.  xo

    • Thanks, pretty friend! Totally sporting that buff because of AP. Bought it on a trip and said, “Oooh. Now I can be like Annie!”

  • Lindsey

    Oh Ginger!  Welcome back sweet friend!  I know exactly what you mean, except for the fact that when I’m restless, I don’t pray first, or consider why I’m awake.  This is great to think about and apply, because those are some really rare quiet times that I won’t be interrupted by small hands and munchkin voices.  I deeply desire to automatically think of God when I toss and turn :)  Thx!! Love you my friend :)

    • Thank you, Linds!! Looking forward to spending time with you this weekend so, so much! Working on your mixed cd. ;)

  • Julia

    My prayers used to sound like……PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.  Now there are a lot more words and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! 

    You are a gifted writer and God is certainly using you already.  After you see the things “you saw,” your brain needs time to process it and put all the images, sounds and smells away.  But you are certainly forever changed.  

    Hope you get a good night’s rest tonight.

    xoxo, Julia

    • Thank you much for reading and encouraging just when I need it!