Friday Finds: Did you read these?

I’ve been out of town for three weeks in the past month. Needless to say, my google reader is back-logged. I still have over 200 entries to read! But as I’ve slowly combed through the posts and articles I’ve definitely been starring some of my favorites to share with you.

Friday Blog Finds:

1. “Being a Strong Father in a Culture of Weak Men”
I’m not a Father, but I don’t think you have to be one to appreciate Kevin East’s words over at Leading to Follow. I want to print this one out and remember it always.

2. “The Best Easter Dinner”
I absolutely want to incorporate the Seder Supper and Passover remembrance into our family. I love Anne Voskamp’s practical advice and beautiful printables to help aid in more fully celebrating Holy Week. 

3. “Why I Journal”
I’ve been following Annie Downs for over a year and this is just one of many posts that are saved with a star in google reader! I was amazed to read how few teens practice the lost art of journaling. I have a huge tub of old journals just like Annie! If you’ve never journaled before and want some great and compelling reasons why to start, then follow this link and read!

4. “Relationship… Or Lack Thereof…”
Joy is so gifted at what she does. In this entry on Love and Respect NOW, she addresses the question that I asked for 20 years of my life: “but why don’t guys like ME?!” Her thoughtful response is full of wit, candor, and hope for everyone who can identify with Carrie’s question. 

Ok. Your turn. What have you read in the past month that you can share?

Happy Friday!

  • Did you happen to catch’s “Why Church?” series? It was so, so good.

    • Believe it or not it is still marked “unread” in my google reader. TOO MANY BLOGS! But – with your recommendation I will open and read this next!