Fill it Up, Hold the Guilt

I signed up for a mentoring program at my church. I’ve been paired up with a mentor (hurray!!) and this week was our second time getting together. We’ve elected not to go through a book or create any additional homework. We are attempting “life on life” discipleship. This week we walked, next week we are making dessert together. During our quality time we share a little bit about our past, our present, and especially what God is teaching us.

About 45 minutes into our walk I made the remark that I just felt a little dry. Life has been filled with lots of great things, but lately has left little room for me to open up the Word each day. I explained,

“I wanted to pull out my Bible this morning, but every time I went to open it, my daughter just needed me. Diaper changes, naps, feeding, falling, teething, and then the laundry buzzer sounds.  I feel like it’s just out of my grasp today. I so need it to set my mind and heart each day or I just don’t think I can make it.”

My mentor shared about her past struggle with legalism. She felt guilty for years because she wasn’t a morning person and rarely pulled out her Bible until the evening.

But then she decided to stop feeling guilty and just start enjoying the time she did have to read. The important thing was to not get caught up in rote performance. Her words have replayed in my head for the past few days.

“You talk about filling up in the morning and getting set for the day. That’s great when that can happen, especially if it’s how you are wired. But don’t forget that you have the Holy Spirit – you ARE filled up.”


I’m the first person to tell you not to let guilt keep you from the gift of God’s presence, but I often forget that truth in my own life. This season of life makes me hunger for the Word like never before. That’s a good thing. But I cannot let myself feel guilty or defeated if I don’t have that thirty minutes to give. I can turn to the Lord and know that He is faithful to give His presence in so many ways, especially in prayer. Time in the Word is worth it, but I don’t have to live like my well has run dry. My cup runneth over because of a living, moving, and personal God. He provides streams in the desert.

Maybe I’m the only one who needed that reminder today. But just in case, I thought I’d share it here too.

 “… keep on being filled with the Spirit.” Ephesians 5:18, ISV

Following in freedom,


  • SuSanMoM

    Good reminder for me as well! And also a chance to remember too that sometimes God takes the initiative to do the talking and inserts blogs like this into my web-browsing day, just to encourage me and remind me that He is always there, always caring, always in control. Thanks for that reminder too, Ginger.

  • Angie

    Needed this reminder today! Thank you Ginger!

  • kmdahlgran

    That is so me! I had to stop reading blogs that talked about the importance of starting the day in The Word because I was feeling so guilty and so like a failure because it just wasn’t happening, and when I tried to make it happen, well, that was not pretty. Thank God for the Holy Spirit and the freedom He provides us to be connected all the time, even during diaper changes, and feedings, and laundry.

  • Lauren

    The freedom we find in Christ and the power we have in the Holy Spirit blows the view that the morning is the only time to be present with God apart. He is with you always! Meditating on Him while folding the laundry, walking the baby, preparing the food and cleaning it all up transforming. I loved this post.