Flooded with Thanks

Checkup with my favorite doc!

As David and I began the trip back home on Sunday, we were flooded with thanks.  The clinic on Saturday was a great experience.  David gave checkups to 30 kiddos and I spent the day coloring and reading The Jesus Storybook Bible.  Really, that’s what I did for five hours.  I read Daniel and the Lion’s Den in Spanish four times.  It’s a big hit with the little boys.

After the clinic finished we cleaned up and enjoyed a seafood dinner with our generous hosts and some of the other volunteers – nurses and translators.  We had been up since 3am, so we said our good-nights early and crashed.  When we awoke around 7am it had already been raining for four hours.  Ordinarly this wouldn’t be a problem, but the home we were staying in only had one road back to the highway – and it wasn’t paved.  A trip that usually takes 10 minutes took 55 minutes in our Camry.  The streets were brimming and we said prayers aloud over and over, “Dear Lord please get us through this rush of water and out the other side… thank you, Lord!!”

Thanks would belong to God even if we had been forced to abandon our car or remain in the city for another night- but thanks also belong to God for seeing us through the floods and back home late yesterday afternoon.

photo by simplybelle.net

Thank you for your prayers.  They were felt both days!

Triage center!

“Oh give THANKS unto the Lord, for He is good, for his mercy endures forever.” Psalm 136:1, NIV

Father God,

Thank you for the weekend.  Thank you for swift travel Saturday morning along darkened highways that brought us through the border and to the clinic on time.

Thank you for a building that provided relief from blowing sand and chilly winds.  Thank you for the families that walked and waited to be seen.  Thank you for the doctor, nurses, and translators who attended to physical needs.  Thank you for the volunteers and a pastor who has loved and labored for 15 years to see the spiritual growth of his people.

Thank you for dollar store coloring books and crayons that opened doors of conversation.  Thank you for the colorful pages of your Word.  Thank you for Consuelo’s eager face and the way her father bent low to the ground to hear her read about Abraham and Sarah and the promise of the Great Rescuer.  Thank  you for Daniel’s smile as we read about Daniel y los leones.

My favorite spot.

 Thank you for the generosity of Dr. Stavros and his wife- for the way you moved in their hearts over a decade ago to begin these free clinics.  Thank you for prayers in Spanish and English.

Thank you for safe passage after 6 hours of steady rain and rapidly filling streets.  Thank you for moving our car through each gully and wash.

Thank you for the prayers of strangers and friends.  Thank you for flooding us with your goodness and grace.

Amen and amen.

“How great is your goodness, which you have stored up for those who fear you, which you bestow in the sight of men on those who take refuge in you.” Psalm 31:19, NIV

So thankful,


With the voracious reader!