Prom and a Giveaway!

Dear 18-year-old Ginger,

I know everyone else has been asked to the prom. I know that the guy you were hoping would ask you has asked your friend. I know how crummy this feels, but I want you to go ahead and ask one of your guy friends. Even though he isn’t going to show up until 10 p.m., it’s going to be okay. But do not, I repeat, do not wait for him to arrive. Do not stand outside your senior prom waiting to go in for over an hour. Have fun. It’s okay. A date isn’t a requirement to enjoy the dance or, for that matter, anything else this life has to offer. Go and get your groove on.

Today’s Ginger

That’s the opening of chapter 1 in Forget the Corsage. I don’t want to give away the whole story, but you get the idea. The guy I liked wasn’t available so I determined to make the most of the situation. I was going to dress to the nines, take a friend, and dance the night away. I might have also envisioned a few dances with my crush. I was mildly convinced that he was going to take one look at me and realize he had made the wrong decision. I also might have seen one too many romantic comedies in the late ‘90s. How do you watch “She’s All That” or “10 Things I Hate About You” and not expect to get the guy in the end? Anyone with me?

prom collage3

I mean. Take a look at that two-piece dress. I even went shopping in another city so I wouldn’t have the same dress as anyone else.

My expectations for the evening were pretty far-fetched, but I hung my hopes on the books and movies that filled my mind and imagination. There’s nothing wrong with fantasy, until we let it eclipse our reality.

I was talking to a dear friend about that very fact this weekend. She mentioned how she had to turn a movie off to preserve her contentment. It may seem a small gesture, but I completely agree with the method. We have to know our buttons and triggers.

For years Ever After was my mess-up movie. It’s a Cinderella story, and I would absolutely lose it every time I watched Drew Barrymore’s character get rescued. The movie left me in a heartsick state for days! Movies may not mess you up, but I know a lot of women who can’t watch romantic comedies without feeling depressed when they end. Certain movies, books, and TV shows only serve to bring on heartache. Be strong enough to recognize when your entertainment isn’t entertaining but hurting. (Forget the Corsage, Chapter 5)

forget the corsage

This week I’m sharing passages and thoughts from Forget the Corsage. To celebrate the release I’m also going to be giving away two e-book versions in a giveaway – winner to be announced next Monday!

There’s a rafflecopter entry below with three easy ways to enter each day.

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That’s it! One lucky winner will win two books.

Question for Tuesday: Do you have a mess-up movie or book? What is it?


  • Randa

    For me, it’s most country music, which is so sad because I loooove me some country music! I know that during certain seasons, I just can’t listen to it. (I’ve learned that the hard way, unfortunately) It’s unnerving to see how satan can use something that seems so innocent to get us wrapped up in a bed of lies and discontentment. It’s also unnerving to realize how quick I am to justify listening to it, to giving in to what my heart wants, even though I know it will not produce good feelings later. I think, “oh, I’ll just listen to this one song” and then I’m off to thinking about all of the things that I don’t have right now instead of what I do. I have to remember that there is joy in the current season that the Lord has me placed me in. Choosing joy just takes some work sometimes, and that’s not always a bad thing!

  • Colleen

    This isn’t a movie or book but the song “kiss me” that’s from she’s all that is swoon worthy and I always makes me wish I lived in the town Dawson’s Creek was filmed. Instead, we live in Phoenix. I mean what is sexy about a cactus? Haha

  • Lscorza

    Godliness with contentment is great gain. I love your transparency, Ginger.

  • Shelby Holloway

    I don’t usually realize that a book or movie is a mess up movie until afterward! They are good stories that sometimes leave me with wanting more and a reminder that true satisfaction is in God alone. So really any cheesy Hallmark love stories…yep those get me every time.

    • @9986ada098b2845b71a503ba3082fe18:disqus – You said it perfectly. Those “mess me up” movies are often stories that take us on an emotional roller coaster, finish with a happily ever after and then just leave us wanting more. Love that reminder: satisfaction in God alone.

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  • Michelle

    I agree a lot of the chick flick movies are mess up movies. They make it look so easy in the movies. The Notebook is a good mess up but like my husband says in a good way.

    • @17f34c460fb9a52be2da0a6bada4511b:disqus – Dead on. “So easy.” I think those chick flicks mess us up because they portray a reality that cannot exist. They end at the start of the happily ever after but rarely show the long road. You did find one that did show the end as well – love that final scene in the Notebook.

  • Ashley

    Pretty much every “chick flick” or romantic comedy was a mess-up movie for me and would leave me feeling discontent and envious of fictitious relationships rather then seeing the amazing qualities in my husband and focusing on the gift he is. I haven’t seen a chick flick in a long time. It’s better that way. They’re nothing like real life and when trouble is plentiful as it on earth why add more.

    • @7c12c9b2bb5241b651db0b2e5bf44d6f:disqus – Anything that leaves us feeling disconent and envious of a fictitious relationship is a definite warning sign. Thanks for sharing!

  • Rebeka Kokora

    the book Under The Sabers…makes me cry so much…

    • @3b71e7d8cd7479f62fcb9919026f334b:disqus – I have a few books like that, too!

  • Lisa K

    Fortunately I don’t have a mess-up movie or book! I do tend to get very emotionally involved with the characters in a story though. I am sad when they are sad and happy when they are happy. That’s the mark of a good story, right?? :-)

    • @69827fe345b91143de1e7109bd55b71e:disqus – Agreed. I love experiencing emotions through great stories!

  • M

    P.S. I Love You. I sob uncontrollably every time, and truly believe Jeffrey Dean Morgan should come save me in a boat.

    • @3d6ae085545059d53be980cbaf0a954e:disqus – That’s a doozy of a movie, for sure. Geez – bring on the waterworks!