I Can’t Wait.


My mom was such a trooper when we were kids. She carted three kids and various carpool friends around for about 20 years- if I’m doing the math correctly. But more than the sounds and smells, I keep thinking about what she had to listen to during that time- especially in our early years.

Wee Sing


Psalty the Singing Songbook

Round Up

We had multiples in each of these series. But there was another cassette tape that received plenty of play in the early 90’s. This song by Rappin’ Rabbit especially. (MOM – I AM SO SORRY.)

If you can get past the fabulous beats and catchy tune… just catch the lyrics of the chorus. Cheesy? YES. Have they stuck with me for over 20 years? Absolutely.

“I can’t wait to have patience, because patience is a wonderful thing. Hurry up, let me at it, got to have it now. I want it more than anything. This has taken long enough, give me some of that patience stuff.”

I can SO identify this week. I’m awaiting big news, exciting visitors, and much-anticipated events this week. I’ve tried to hard to remain in the present and not wish my time away. My prayers have sounded much like Rappin’ Rabbit. (Good grief, what a sentence!)

“Father, allow me to trust you and to rest. Let me have patience for each day, for each moment. PLEASE!!”

So aside from simply knowing we should be more patient, how do we actively cultivate patience in our lives? Let’s learn together, shall we?

Until tomorrow…


p.s. Please tell me someone else can identify with these golden albums!

  • Carey Bailey

    Was in EVERY Psalty church production! Went to a Raffi concert and now listen to it with my own kiddos! Good times!

  • I find myself wishing away time, too, between my weekly appointmnets! Trying to have patience as well… :)

    • I can’t imagine what it will feel like to “patiently” wait at 37 weeks! You seem so calm and collected – I’m trying to tuck this all away.

      • The waiting patiently gets harder as the weeks pass, I think, but it’s so totally worth it! This last time, my third (and we didn’t know boy or girl!), the Lord was so good to draw me into His Presence and the present daily. What a blessing those last few weeks were, making great memories with my girls. By the way, I had another girl :)

  • Val




    • Lookin’ good for Easter. Let’s repeat these outfits for a photo this year.

  • I just spent way too many minutes on the Wee Sing website (because WEE SING HAS A WEBSITE). So many memories. Not to mention Psalty and Raffi.

    Wonderful reminders about patience – thank you for sharing your heart!

    • Val, Clay & I spent WAY too much time looking at Wee Sing Dinosaurs yesterday. Nothing like a steady dose of nostalgia. :)

      • m

        Duckbill, duckbill di-no-saur….